Call for support to the homeless people of Nagai Park in Osaka

Friday 2 February 2007

The Osaka City evicted homeless people of Nagai Park for the World Championship of Athletism. 200 city stuff and 300 guards and a group of riot squad. 150 activists protested in solidarity with 9 homeless people who determinated to stay in the park and resist to the very end.

Being confronted with resistance, the demolition of some 10 tents took 3 hours and finished around noon. The homelss people are charged 100 000 yens (about 800 dollars) for the demolition fee.

We affirm again our solidarity and support for homeless people of Nagai Park in Osaka. The eviction is not a solution to the problem faced by homeless people. We will call a gathering in Paris this days ! In Brasilia, a metting was organised in front of the embassy of Japan. In France, a No-Vox delegation was refused ! The homeless with the militants are going back to the Nagai Parc. We call urgently to international solidarity.

1) Please send protest to the Osaka city. Junichi Seki (Mayor of Osaka City) Fax: +81-6-6206-9999 2) Please send protest to Park Office of Osaka city Fax: +81-6-6615-0659

Please send your signatures to

Signatures of support call – 2th of february : Fédération Droit Au Logement, Comité des Sans-logis, Agir Ensemble Contre le Chômage !, Droits Devant !!, Droit Paysan, Association Pour l’Emploi, l’Information et la Solidarité,Marches Européennes, AITEC, IPAM, Solidarité Nouvelle Belgique, Direito-a-Habitaçao Portugal, Movimento Nacional de Luta Pela Moradia – Brésil, Solidaires, Alliance Internationale des Habitants, Association - Entraite et Espoir, CNT Education 91, Association Malienne des Expulsés, Réseau national Féministes "Ruptures", Global Watch, HALÉM - association des HAbitants de Logements Éphémères ou Mobiles, ACTion diritti in movimento, DAL 12, Mouvement Alternatif de la Jeunesse Africaine, Habitat International Coalition,

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