Declaration of the No-Vox network in Porto Alegre - WSF 2005

Tuesday 28 November 2006

The movements of struggle by the "Have Nots" from 5 continents, gathered together within the No-Vox network, participated in the 5th World Social Forum at Porto Alègre. They actively supported the occupation by homeless families organized within the MNLM (Movimiento National de Luta pela Moradia) of a building which had been vacant for 5 years, belonging to the Health Administration of the Federal government, and located Av. Borgès de Medeiros in the centre of Porto Alegre. The No-Vox network pressingly urges the Brazilian government to allow the occupants to continue living in the building, to grant it a true social function, and to abandon plans to deliver it into the hands of the real estate speculators.

The No-Vox network, henceforth enriched by the participation of new movements, notably the NCDHAR (National Campaign of Dalit Human Rights) observes that the will to be socially inclusive was affirmed during this World Social Forum, but that it must be even further reinforced. It is, for example, necessary to mobilise aid to have access to rooms and translation facilities, or for travel so that the movements of the "Have Nots" may organize their own encounters without being dependent on fickle sources of funding, who are apt to turn the movement away from its own objectives, aspirations, and even attempt to manipulate it.

We must organize the horizontal coordination of grass roots movements in order to encouragethe emergence of a world movement of the"have nots", a henceforth indispensable component of the movement to construct an alternative and another world.

The No-Vox network calls for the organisation of a world march of the "have nots" in the years to come, and asks all movements in favour of another world to support this venture.

The No-Vox network desires that the three decentralized forums of 2006 consider this objective as a priority and encourage practical advance toward its execution. Onthis matter, an assessment meeting will be organized during 2005 between the different movements associated with the network and support organisations.

General Presentation:

The No-Vox network was created in January 2003 in Porto Alegre by the movements involved in the struggles of the "Have Nots", in other words, of all those around the planet who are sacrificed by and who are the victims of the neoliberal model of economic development and its consequences: economic, civil or neocolonial wars, natural or industrial catastrophes, climatic deregulation engendered by the race for productivity and profit, epidemics, famines, the pillage of resources in favour of dominant countries, destruction of national economies and of self sufficiency in food by poor peoples, system of casts and of all forms of racism and discrimination.

We denounce this world war, hidden but causing immense loss of life, against the poor. Just as we denounce all wars, the war in Iraq, the wars against the Palestinians, the Chechens, the Tibetans...

Our desire is that the social forums serve as occasions for our movements to coordinate, discuss and share our practices of struggle, our successes and failures, to popularize our resistance and our analyses to the movements which participate in the forums, to carry out direct and concrete actions so that the voice of the "Have-Nots" may be heard.

We wish thus to contribute to building a world movement of the "Have-Nots", supported by the multiple components of the movement for another world, in order to encourage the emergence of a common identity, for we are all in the same boat, and no other world will be possible without the mobilisation of the planet’s oppressed.

For those who leave us to die, who make war, who exploit us, who gather wealth from our poverty, we are at best the object of their compassion and are most often seen as potential threats, indeed even obstacles to their unlimited appetite. Their goal is to transform everything, including every living being, into a merchandise; they genetically manipulate the very foundations of life to enrich themselves even further. Their wish is to control all culture, all creations of human intelligence. They privatize the essential foundations of human life such as water, education, health, the production of electricity. They starve social budgets, lead poor countries ever further into debt, create continental markets like the NAFTA or Europe in order to force entire populations to accept the dismantling of their systems of social protection, the deregulation of their labour codes, overconsumption, their subjection to the laws of competition and individualism. They foster discrimination and protect caste societies.

We struggle daily for the right to feed ourselves, to have decent housing, land to cultivate, for the right to work, the right to a revenue sufficient to provide a decent life, for the right to education, to clean drinking water and clean air, to health and medical care, to renewable energy and an unpolluted environment, to maintain our cultures and beliefs, to create and to resist, for the equality of rights and against the multiple and numerous discriminations which oppress us as women, native peoples, people of colour, Dalits, children, youth, mentally or physically handicapped, cultural, religious or sexual minorities, etc. In short we struggle for the right of all of us to live with dignity in a world of justice and peace.

These struggles necessitate daily commitment, but we are decided to organize all around the planet, notably on the occasion of social forums, in liaison with the resistance movement for another world and the progressive movements of the middle classes. But no other world will be possible without the uprising and participation of the "Have-Nots", that is to say, without that other half of the planet that lives in poverty, precarity and oppression. No other world will be possible without the participation and reinforcement of the movements of the "Have-Nots" who are struggling daily in the field.

No-Vox defines itself as an extension of the movement created by the occupation of buildings and empty urban lots carried out by the homeless in Port Alegre during the 2002 and 2003 WSF, by the NCDHR (National Campaign of DALIT Human Rights) organized march during the 2004 Mumbay WSF, but also by struggles accompanying the continental social forums, notably the ESF at Paris-Saint Denis and thedemonstrations against neo-liberal oppression in Seattle, Genoa, Larzac, Séoul and Cancun!, ...

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